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15 Apr

Cybersecurity Standards: what impacts and gaps for SMEs

Purpose & Scope 

We know that within the cybersecurity supply industry, a very substantial part of innovation is driven by SMEs & start-ups. The European Commission has been working on fostering European cybersecurity industry and supporting specifically SMEs towards that direction all along the cybersecurity policy and regulatory initiatives.  In that context standardisation is ensuring further cybersecurity which is more at stake with new innovations (eg: with use of IoT).
Many reports confirmed that SMEs are more exposed to cybersecurity attacks (eg: Cisco report  53% of small companies who have experienced a breach).  To help protect better SMEs on cybersecurity issues, projects such as SMESEC are preparing a framework of solutions for SMEs but SMEs could be already better protected if they follow clear rules as described in cybersecurity standards. 
Therefore, two H2020 funded projects SMESEC  &  are coming together on a one-day workshop to support the “SME in his/her Cybersecurity ensured by standards” – this is why the workshop is kindly being co organized and hosted by CEN-CENELEC JTC 13 on cybersecurity with the support from ETSI TC Cyber the Digital SME Alliance and the European Cybersecurity Organization (ECSO).  


Who should attend? 

Innovators, ICT SMEs, SMEs associations, policy makers and funding agencies looking to assess future priorities and challenges in cybersecurity brought by standards and identifying gaps in standardization efforts, Public administrations, larger organisations.


Main Take-aways for the audience

  • Learn from those SDOs SSOs delivering cybersecurity standards which could be important & relevant for SMES;
  • Hear form testimonials who are working on gaps in cybersecurity standardization;
  • Contribute to provide SME’s voice on reporting cybersecurity needs in particular which can be supported by standardization;
  • Grab the opportunity to apply for an open call currently open in both SEMSEC and Open Call Opportunities; 
  • Gain a whole new understanding of why Cybersecurity is important and should become your priority & how it can be affordable for SMEs; 
  • Become part of our cybersecurity community.


Agenda - Cybersecurity standards: what impacts and gaps for SMEs?

09:00-09:30 |   Registration

09:30-10:00   |   Networking Coffee

10:00-10:15     |   Welcome by the hosts CEN CENELEC & a brief intro of who is SMESEC &

10:15- 10:30    |   Keynote address by EC representative on expectations & future vision in cybsersecurity

under H2020 & under Horizon Europe

10:30- 11:30    |   Setting the scene of cybersecurity standardisation impacting SMEs with Key representatives

from the Standards Bodies & Organisations on achievements to date & future challenges

( Resp from: CEN-CENELEC, ETSI, ECSO).

11:30-12:00     |   Networking Coffee

12:00- 13:00   |   Second Panel Discussion offering a “A voice to the SMEs”

The panel will open with a brief intro of SMESEC & but then there will be pitches

from SME cybersecurity testimonials or form successful applicants from

13:00-14:00    | Networking Lunch

14:00 15:30    | Second panel intervention for A voice from the SMEs” & an opportunity to report on cybersecurity standards best practices, gaps and needs.

ECSO SMEs working group, SBS and Digital SMEs Alliance will report on SMEs needs for standardization.

SMEs and National SMEs organisations are welcome to present their views. Projects such as the

catalogue & marketplace will be invited to attend the event.

15:30-15:45    |  Q&A & Close