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12 Sep Open Calls – The success story so far

The 3rd Open Call is now open for applications and five more open calls are expected before the end of 2019, bringing plenty of opportunities for European ICT Standards to contribute to the shaping of the international Standardisation landscape. Now, it is time to wrap-up the results achieved so far with the snapshot below.

26 Mar

2018 Rolling Plan for ICT Standardisation released

On the 26th of March 2018, the European Commission released the 2018 Rolling Plan on ICT Standardisation, which identifies ICT standardisation activities in support of EU policies.

Every year the rolling plan is updated and extended to reflect new EU policies and new technologies. This year it features the addition of chapters on 'blockchain and distributed digital ledger technologies' and ' regulatory technology' (extending the 'fintech' chapter).

16 Feb

IEC: recent improvements toward the AI Standardisation

IEC Standards pave the way of the Artificial Intelligence

The term AI (Artificial Intelligence) is mainly referred to machines that are capable to replicate cognitive functions such as learning and problem-solving. It's a wide concept that encompasses ideas ranging from human-alike robots to voice assistants for smart phones or similar devices.

14 Feb

The ISO/IEC 27001 standard: easy guide for SMEs

The comprehensive guide to support SMEs in information security management

The protection of personal records and commercially sensitive information is critical for any business. Most SMEs underestimate their risk level for cyber-attacks. While SMEs are the majority of businesses in Europe and great drivers of innovation, they are too often unprepared when it comes to cope with cyber threats and attaks and their systems are often too vulnerable.