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21 Oct at the 2019's ETSI IoT Week to showcase impact achieved in ICT Standardisation

The 2019 ETSI IoT Week will take place on 21-25 October 2019 in ETSI, Sophia Antipolis, France.

This meeting is the must-be place for anyone engaged with Internet of Things, to understand the important of Standards-enabled technologies for IoT service deployments. IoT Week is the perfect chance to meet and network with other IoT stakeholders as well as providing an opportunity to directly contribute to the shaping of the future of IoT standards.
This year the event will showcase two prominent highlights during the week:

  1. The oneM2M Developer's Tutorial (21st October) is entirely dedicated to understanding and experiencing the use of oneM2M open-source solutions, with practical hands-on development activities.
  2. The ETSI IoT workshop (22–25 October)

The event will focus on three main pillars:

• IoT service layer interoperability, including both standard based (e.g. oneM2M) and industrial solutions
• IoT standard based communication technologies
• IoT security and privacy will join ETSI IoT week with a focused presentation to underline the most important outputs achieved in the last two year:

1. The concrete impact attained through Standardisation activities of more than 250 applicants
2. The broad and well-balanced allocation of fundings which affected multiple SDOs
3. A growing and tight community that accounts more than 600 ICT Standards experts, to date
4. The aim of building a comprehensive Standards Watch for the coming months in a perspective of a sustainability pathway

If you are willing to get to know more of this and how the project impacted SDOs, do not miss the opportunity to join the final event taking place on the 5th December in Brussels.

Another great chance to not be missed is the coming Webinar (7th November) called “A Strengthened European Presence In The International ICT Standardisation Scene - The Tangible Impact Of StandICT.Eu On ICT Technology Standards”: the right spot to get to know funded applicants and figure out how they contributed to the development of Standards in their related ICT field of expertise.