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06 Mar - A snapshot of the first 4 Open Calls!

With the closing of the 5th Open Call, hits the turning point of the project. Four more Open Calls are expected throughout the whole 2019 (6th Open Call is currently up and running), providing great opportunities for European ICT Standards Specialists to contribute to the development of a fully-fledged international Standardisation landscape. It’s now time to give you a clear snapshot of the outcomes achieved in the first 4 Open Calls as well as how they supported the funded applicants:

  • 253 eligible applications received (65 in the 1st Open Call, 53 in the 2nd Open Call, 57 in the 3rd Open Call, 82 in the 4th Open Call)
  • 113 funded applications (21 in the 1st Open Call, 23 in the 2nd Open Call, 23 in the 3rd Open Call, 46 in the 4th Open Call)
  • 13 European countries represented within the funded applicants
  • 14 EU Member States represented in the External Pool of Evaluators
  • 21 ICT-related topics covered. The most represented are the following:
    • Cybersecurity 34
    • Big Data 34
    • IoT 30
    • 5g 16
    • Artificial Intelligence 6
  • 4 Co-located workshops within ICT-related events around Europe
  • +500 Registered users in the platform managed to back up ICT Specialists in their activities with the critical role of independent evaluators who rank the applications according the selection criteria. Here comes some testimonial of the funded applicants on how the initiative facilitated their research and Standards development tasks: is also very pleased to highlight the very high quality score of the vast majority of the received proposals. This aspect points out the competitiveness of the Open Call, allowing us to choose among very valuable applications. As a result of this, some of the rejected applicant are entitled and welcomed to successfully in the coming Open Calls.
We do kindly invite you to join the 6th Open Call that is currently up and running and will last until next 30th of April 2019: this Call is open for Short-Term and One-Shot project with the possibility to apply for a budget up to 5.000 Euro.
Chances to effectively support European Experts contribution to the shaping of the International ICT Standards scenarioare still close at hand!