IEC SEG 11: the new group to lead towards future sustainable transportation

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17 Jul

IEC SEG 11: the new group to lead towards future sustainable transportation

A brand new IEC group, SEG 11 is born with a view to better study the transition towards sustainable transportation. The main purpose of the group will be to analyse the standardisation tools needed to facilitate countries in the transition to more environmental friendly and sustainable transportation options.

The group tries to effectively respond to the following priorities:

  • Emerging urge to curb dependency on fossil fuel
  • To successfully cope with the expected (and already ongoing) population increase within urban areas
  • Set-up of comprehensive mobility strategy based on safe solutions and new technologies

Sustainable transportation schemes are then hugely needed and they will have to deliver added-value services for an increasing amount of people.
“Using a systems approach, SEG 11 will bring together the various elements related to transportation and sustainability in order to capture the full complexity of the issues and propose what is needed at the IEC to foster a holistic solution. This will involve the participation of various stakeholders, including members outside of the IEC community” speaks Gennaro Ruggiero, Secretary of the SEG 11.

The main output of SEG 11 will be a Roadmap draft to pave the way of future sustainable transportation by gathering best practices and use cases of public transportation. Simultaneously, the Working Group will also liaise with other IEC TCs/SCs, market stakeholders and other prominent Standards Organisations (as ISO) to take stock of the status of current standards and the need of new ones. SEG 11 held its first meeting on 8-9 July in Frankfurt. As the Co-Convenor of SEG 11 Alexander Kupfer noted, “During the kick-off meeting, were identified some obvious examples of future, electric-based transportation systems that can accelerate the transition to renewable energy. Participants left the meeting excited and with a clear plan to dig deeper and come back in 18 months with a report and recommendations. Interested in joining? Welcome!”