Breakfast Seminar AI & Standards, 12th April 2019, Dublin (Ireland)

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12 Apr

Breakfast Seminar AI & Standards, 12th April 2019, Dublin (Ireland)

From April 8-12th, the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI), in collaboration with the ADAPT Centre, will be hosting a global forum to discuss the standardisation of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Called SC42, this will be the first-ever global plenary meeting to take place in Europe to discuss the trustworthiness of AI. It is expected that over 150 of the world’s leading experts in AI from 22 countries will be traveling to Dublin to participate in this meeting with the hopes of establishing global standards for the development of technology in this field.

Within this context, the ADAPT Centre ELITE-S Fellowship Programme in partnership with, will run a "Breakfast seminar" on ICT Standards. This workshop will provide an opportunity to meet with researchers at the forefront of this field and understand how the ELITE-S Fellowship Programme can work for you or your organisation as well as the possibility to receive financial support to carry out Standardisartion activities in the framework of the initiative.

The event will take place at Hotel Alex in Dublin centre (Fenina Street), next Friday 12th April 8am - 1pm.

ICT standards play an essential role in achieving interoperability of new technologies and can bring significant benefits to both industry and consumers. They support the realisation of a European Digital Single Market and allow consumers and businesses the widest choice of products and services across the EU.

This event will provide further information for industry looking to understand more about the benefits of partnering. Benefits include:

  • Be part of an exclusive industry-research ICT standardisation decision making cluster group
  • Influence and drive the development of ICT standards Nationally and Internationally
  • Support in-house capacity building on innovative ICT standardisation processes and practices
  • Network with leading research experts, practitioners and policy makers
  • ICT Standardisation Training and Development opportunities
  • Access administrative and research expertise to support in-house ICT standardisation knowledge base
  • Improve your ICT standards process with the help of an expert