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CEN-CENELEC Focus Group on Cybersecurity 


The Focus Group on Cybersecurity (CSCG) will support CEN and CENELEC to explore ways and means for supporting the growth of the Digital Single market. To this end, the CSCG will analyse technology developments and develop a set of recommendations to its parent bodies for international standards setting ensuring a proper level playing field for businesses and public authorities.

The Group will preparing a European roadmap on cybersecurity standardization and will actively support global initiatives on cybersecurity standards that are compliant with EU requirements in view of development of trustworthy ICT products, systems and services.

In 2016, the Focus Group looked into the different usages/ meanings of the 'cybersecurity' word by various stakeholders in different standards and finalized a document Definition of Cybersecurity consisting of an overview of overlaps and gaps of those definitions with a view of moving towards a common understanding of the cyber security domain.




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